• Take I-5 South to Sacramento (about 10 minutes).
  • Hwy 50 South Lake Tahoe.  As you get into downtown watch carefully for the exit signs
    • Things happen quickly in this congested interchange.  Follow the signs.
    • Proceed 35 miles to the east and follow the directions below taking Exit #37.

If you’re coming from the Bay Area on I-80 look for the signs “Hwy 50, South Tahoe, and Placerville”.

  • Take Highway 50 (East) headed toward South Lake Tahoe and Placerville. About 35 minutes beyond downtown Sacramento, you’ll see a sign that says, “Ponderosa Rd next exit” take
  • Exit #37 “N. Shingle Rd / Motherlode Dr.” At the end of the exit ramp turn left and cross over the freeway (You’re now heading north). Just over the highway are two stop lights.
  • Turn right at the second light, North Shingle Road. {NOTE: From this point it measures ~6.6 miles to Springvale Rd where you’ll turn left to find Eden Vale – the road changes names twice}.
  • Go straight on North Shingle Rd while occasionally checking mileage.
    • About mile 4 there’s a stop light, keep going straight as the road changes names to Green Valley.
    • About 1/2 a mile from this light the road will change names to Lotus Rd.
    • Continue straight about another 2 miles. Just before the Springvale turn, the road begins to curve left and you’ll see what looks like a commercial construction yard on the right.  Take the next left (~100 yards) onto Springvale Rd. We’re on the left side ~3/10ths of a mile down the road; look for the lighted “Eden Vale Inn” sign.
  • Proceed south via Highway 49 South to Coloma.
  • Right onto Lotus Rd. (just across the American River bridge in Coloma)
  • Right on Springvale Rd. (measure ~4.4 miles at the bottom of a big hill)
    • NOTE: On Springvale, you will crest the hill at about 4 miles. At the bottom slow down and take a sharp right onto Springvale Road. Watch for the lighted sign 3/10ths of a mile on the left.
  • Highway 50 West
  • Take Exit #41 Greenstone Road
  • Right onto Greenstone Rd. (After ~1 mile – Greenstone dead ends into Green Valley)
  • Left onto Green Valley Road (~2.75 miles until it dead ends into Lotus Rd).
  • Right onto Lotus Road. (continue straight about another 2 miles.)
    • NOTE: Just before the Springvale turn, the road begins to curve left and you’ll see what looks like a commercial construction yard on the right. Springvale is the next left
  • Left onto Springvale Rd. (if you start going up a big hill you’ve gone too far)
  • We’re ~3/10ths of a mile down the road on the left side; look for the lighted “Eden Vale Inn” sign.
Charging station at Eden Vale Inn for AmazingE

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

We are equipped with an AmazingE 240 volt, Level 2, 3.8kW EV charging “station” at Eden Vale Inn. Guests with an electric vehicle can rest assured knowing they have access to a level 2 charging unit with a standard SAE-J1772 connector.

Bowling Balls as decoration in the Garden

Eden Vale is a Green Inn

Eden Vale Inn strives to be a green hotel, meaning we try to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve where it makes sense, and recycle when we can. This makes us one of the most environmentally friendly hotels in Placerville, California.