Events in Placerville, CA

Our intimate Placerville wedding venue is perfect for small to medium-sized parties with up to seven guest rooms available. We also offer elopement packages for any couple looking for a more private ceremony. Please fill out our Wedding Request Form to request more information!

  1. How many overnight guests can you accommodate at the inn?
    • The inn can lodge a maximum of 23 guests if every bed is filled in all 8 rooms.
  2. How many people can you accommodate for a wedding ceremony?
    • Two of our packages are set up for a maximum of 30 guests (includes the wedding couple).
  3. Do you do wedding receptions?
    • Currently we do not offer weddings with on site receptions.
      • We are in the process of developing a new Destination Wedding Package (60 people max), but have not finalized the pricing. We do know that it would require that the wedding party book the entire Inn for at least 2 days (~$7000 for 8 rooms, 23 maximum occupancy) and have the reception catered.
  4. Is your wedding venue covered in case of rain?
    • No, our wedding venue is not covered, and we do not have a covered option for large weddings. There a few sheltered areas that could be used with smaller groups if necessary, but when booking the venue, you need to understand that it is a rain or shine reservation.
  5. Can we have a wedding without reserving rooms?
    • We do offer one package The Intimate Elopement that does not require any lodging, however it is limited to maximum of 10 people (including the wedding couple).
    • All of our other wedding and elopement packages require you to book at least one room for one night. Weekends have a two-night minimum.
  6. Can we book the whole inn?
    • Yes, you can. Booking the whole inn gives you greater flexibility to host your wedding and more freedom on the grounds for your guests. This option does require a two-night minimum stay.
  7. What do we get for the wedding venue fee?
    • If you book the whole inn, you get the most value. You will have access to the full property for you and your registered guests (those staying at the Inn) for the whole time you stay with us. During your wedding day, you and your invited guests will be able to enjoy the entire outdoor gardens and grounds during your designated wedding time (this does not include guest rooms and their associated patios and decks, or the interior common areas of the Inn). If you only book some of the rooms you will get access to the wedding pavilion and specified garden areas but not the full property or exterior common areas.
    • In all cases, we will prepare the Wedding Pavilion for the ceremony. The fee includes wedding day support, available on-site benches and tables, rustic bar table, guided parking, restroom access, and garbage removal. Clean-up is always the responsibility of the wedding party’s volunteers or vendors.
  8. Are there wedding rentals available at the inn?
    • Currently we do not have items for rent, but do carry a complete list of vendors that supply you with as much or as little as you may need for your special day
  9. Can we get a discount for booking the whole inn?
    • We do not discount for booking the whole inn. We do give discounts for multi-night stays of 3 or more.
  10. Can we use outside vendors for our wedding?
    • Eden Vale Inn has a vendor list; however, you can use outside vendors if you choose. We do require a list of all vendors being used for your wedding at least seven days in advance.
  11. Can we have non-guests visit the property before or after the wedding?
    • Outside of the time reserved for your wedding, you cannot have non-guests of the Inn on the property unless you have arranged for it in advance. An additional charge may accrue depending on the situation. Vendors are allowed on the property per the wedding agreement.
  12. Can we bring our own alcohol?
    • You must purchase all wine from the Inn. Guests are not permitted to bring alcohol onto the premises or drink in any other location but designated areas
  13. Can we smoke on the grounds?
    • The smoking of any substance is only allowed in the Designated Smoking Area. The rest of the property is a no-smoking area.
  14. How late are non-guests of the inn allowed to stay on the premises?
    • Non-guests may stay on site for no more than 60 minutes after the conclusion of the ceremony.


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