Eden Vale is a Green Inn

Eden Vale Inn strives to be a green hotel, meaning we try to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve where it makes sense, and recycle when we can, making us one of the most environmentally friendly hotels in Placerville, California. Long before the B&B came into being, the current owners planted hundreds of trees. This was the first step in reclaiming a barren and abused landscape. Now, those trees are mature and provide a beautiful setting and summer shade. They also take carbon dioxide out of the air. Vegetables and fruits are grown on-site and used in the breakfasts and then their trimmings are reprocessed as compost or fed to our flock of chickens.

Reducing our carbon footprint is an ongoing effort at Eden Vale Inn. The inn’s green efforts to date include sensors in the rooms and hallways to turn off lights when no one is there, guest rooms that have efficient local controlled heating and cooling plus windows and doors that can be opened for natural ventilation. The main lodge is cooled by swamp coolers in the summer and warmed by passive solar in the winter. The inn has implemented a linen/towel reuse program and uses local and organic products whenever possible. The inn recycles plastic, glass, and paper and practices low chemical gardening in addition to composting kitchen waste. The laundry and kitchens include efficient Energy Star appliances.


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