4 of the Most Thrilling Caves Near Sacramento for the Adventurer in You

Sacramento, the capital of California, is often considered a gold mine for museums, shopping, and nightlife. While the city holds great value for residents and visitors, the surrounding area is also a beautiful landscape and home to many of the best caves near Sacramento. Let Eden Vale Inn host your stay in Placerville, California, while you explore some of Earth’s most captivating creations.

4 Must-See Caves Near Sacramento

Placerville offers tons of exciting attractions near Sacramento, like the Red Hawk Casino and El Dorado County Historical Museum. But, for those looking for something a bit more nature-oriented, these four caves bring out the adventurous spirit in all of us!

Black Chasm Caverns

Black Chasm Caverns is known for its helictites, crystal-like formations that twist and turn on the walls and ceiling of the cave. Unlike traditional cave formations such as stalagmites and stalactites, these formations seem to develop without gravity. This adds a unique, whimsical feel to the cave’s interior. Only recorded in five percent of Earth’s known caves, their presence at Black Chasm Caverns makes this attraction a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Black Chasm Caverns also offers guided tours of its Zen Garden, which is made up of marble monoliths as the direct result of mining during the Gold Rush.

Gold Bug Park and Mine

Located within Gold Bug Park, Gold Bug Mine is an actual mine from the Gold Rush. The park offers guided tours and unguided, audio tours. Whatever method you choose, this historical and geologically enticing structure will leave you wanting more. Hattie’s Gold Rush Museum offers visitors a free look at what gold mining was actually like and how miners practiced gold panning.

California Caverns

California Cavern, State Historic Landmark, is the place to go for the ultimate cave-tour experience. After all, it was the first show cave in the state! This cavern also houses rare helictites. Because seasons impact the dampness of the cave so much, California Caverns offers two tours depending on the season. In the dry season, summer and fall, they offer the Trail of Lights. In the wet season, winter and spring, they offer the Trail of Lakes. The tours are similar, except that in the wet season, there are bodies of water inside the cavern that can close off some of the cave’s rooms.

Moaning Caverns

Moaning Caverns offers visitors more than the average cave tour experience. It’s also home to the largest public vertical chamber in California. According to their measurements, it could house the Statue of Liberty. Fun fact: the Statue of Liberty is 151 feet tall! Moaning Caverns also doubles as an adventure park, offering side-by-side zip lines and a climbing tower. This cavern is not only a geological wonder, but also provides above and below-ground fun for all visitors!

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