Thrilling California Caves to Add to Your Bucket List

Water sports and wine tasting probably come to mind when you start putting together your itinerary for a sunny California getaway. Luckily for you, we have both here, but why not consider trying something more unique and exciting this time? Explore famous nearby caves to get interesting insta-worthy shots, make memories you’ll remember for a lifetime, and check something off your bucket list, all while learning more about Gold Country’s gold rush era history and what makes it so special. Let’s go!

a cave wall with formations

Black Chasm Cavern

If you’re up for a mini road trip, set aside an afternoon and take the one-hour drive to Black Chasm Cavern in Volcano. Dating back to 1854, this cavern boasts an abundance of helictites, stunning crystal-like formations on the walls that sparkle in every direction. Black Chasm Caverns offers guided tours of its Zen Garden, which is made up of marble monoliths as the direct result of mining during the Gold Rush. While you tour the area, look for animals and other figures among the thousands of shapes that cover the cave walls.

Did You Know? The Miners Trail on Black Chasm’s property offers a self-guided tour if you’d rather go spelunking on your own.

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Gold Bug Park

Visit an authentic gold mine from Sacramento’s rich history for a visit that’s equal parts educational and entertaining! At the mining museum, you’ll get to try your hand at finding riches by sifting through troughs. In the park, you can opt for a guided tour or an audio tour. Hattie’s Gold Rush Museum offers visitors a free look at what gold mining was actually like and how miners practiced gold panning. Whatever method you choose, this historical and geologically enticing structure will leave you wanting more.

Did You Know? There’s an onsite gift shop, so be sure to pick up a treasure you can take home with you or gift to someone special.

a cave tourist exploring a well lit cave

California Cavern

This state historic landmark is the place to go for the ultimate cave-tour experience and also houses rare helictites. California Caverns offers two tours depending on the season because the time of the year significantly impacts the dampness of the cave. In the dry season, summer and fall, they offer the Trail of Lights. In the wet season, winter and spring, they offer the Trail of Lakes. The tours are similar, except that in the wet season, there are bodies of water inside the cavern that can close off some of the cave’s rooms. No matter when you choose to visit, you’re sure to enjoy your outing.

Did You Know? California Cavern was the first show cave in the state!

a couple exploring the outside on a sunny day

Moaning Caverns

Moaning Caverns offers visitors more than the average cave tour experience. It’s also home to the largest public vertical chamber in California. According to their measurements, it could house the Statue of Liberty. Moaning Caverns also doubles as an adventure park, offering side-by-side zip lines and a climbing tower. This cavern is not only a geological wonder, but also provides above and below-ground fun for everyone!

Did You Know? The Statue of Liberty is 151 feet tall!

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